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chir. de Bordeiiux (1882), 1883, 406-411.— Vci-gely (P.) i.
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Cascarilla is a very important article in compounding
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as to the habits of the tetanus bacillus: We all know that there has been
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The fluid usually contains traces of albumen, which may be consid-
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ring it frequently till dissolved. It may be flavoured with wine,
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infant deaths. Of these instances of dystocia, about 48.5%
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extremity, wliilst the transverse colon was displaced downwards
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eight hours did not influence its restraining action upon typhoid, but
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edges of the wound, including the abdominal wound and
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ease, peritonitis, endocarditis, parametritis, spinal curvature, Bright's
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allowances. 1974. Washington, D. C., National Academy of
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admitted into the Hospital two months after the commence-
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Murdoch, "Trans, of the Med. Soc. Pennsylvania," 1878, xii, i, 144.
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surrounding tissues. Blood extravasation may likewise occur.
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Case VI. — Owen Butler," aged 50, the father of six children,
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colonel, on completing twenty years' full-pay service.
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