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6th, 1892. From the history it appears that the patient was

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to the Dejiancc, April :M.b: Chaules J. Fife, Surgeon, t.) tlie irandrrer.

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Chilton, R. H., L.R.C.P.Lond. Padmore, G., L.R.C P Lond.

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to proceed direct to Malta "on promotion," to replace Sur-

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A solution of lupuline— which is only sparingly solulsle in

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The discussion will be introduced by Dr. J. William White,

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impaired. Further, he maintained that in the ordinary

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examination revealed nothing. The muscle on the left side of

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The hand seats are done in a similar manner to that which has been

bupropion xl 150 mg stop smoking

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dysentery, aud that, consequently, the disease in question was a chronic

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Street branch of the Seamen's Hospital, and in 1889 he was

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the system of indefinitely minute quantities, which divide

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Dr. H. D. Little.iohn, Edinburgh ; Mr. J. N. Langley, Cambridge ; Mr.

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liquid extract against diabetes, and especially that peculiar

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irritation operating from within the bowel. This may re-ult

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there was oozing from the uterus, which was again pro-

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case. In another case, in a woman, a large hydronephrotic

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