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results from the use of iodide and carbonate of ammonium, that he
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the different countries are described with illustrations. The
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relief, that is, the uterus has been kept up, but from
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" 5 P. M. — Pain somewhat relieved ; stomach very irritable;
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The mother of this child and a brother, aged 4, have shown no signs of pellagra.
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FIO. 24fi. Position for reducing tarsal subluxations.
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mitted physical pecularities that render difficult the
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sense it is now abandoned (Dunglison)." (2) " That which
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are worthy of careful examination by the profession. This accurate observer, inform*
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of public parks and city squares is being more appreciated
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was speedily discovered by all who used it to be a most im-
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nearest to the ccecum, and the ileo-coecal valve is often impli-
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deal of the refuse of the streets, and a considerable portion of
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regard to other signs and symptoms which the patient may present, bat
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ver weigh small quantities of fluids, as directed by the Edinburgh
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presence of urea in the circulation. He had seen several fatal
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needed m its present stage is more evidence. Altogether
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serum. The stomach was enormously distended, extending to the
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jection of the bichloride of mercury derived from extensive
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there are often great errors committed in the diagnosis
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ring and the stone passing into the intestine in that way. If I
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justice to enhance the value of property, render human life safe, de-
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the disease is active, irrespective of the absolute count. It is met with
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1. Brubaker, 1908; Bunge, 1905; Dalton, 1882; Foster, 1896; Halliburton,
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of the school education of girls, I find a notice of
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tialatfektionen an den Augenlidern. Wii n nied. Wchu-
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divide it in the direction of the sacrum, and with a
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anxiety, and the discharges are tenacious, filamentous, frothing
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of charging well. The custom of charging fees by surgeons and spe-
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Figure 9. — The map shows age-adjusted mortality rates from unin-
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Mrs. L., aged 63, a pallid cachectic-looking woman, applied on
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ally much less than that produced in mixtures of preg-
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from which lateral sclerosis could occur as a descending degeneration, and
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at the end of four or five days or a week from the first sign of illness, and
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former having a cellular structure, the latter being entirely
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sense of duty, of noble patriotism and of dauntless courage have
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not act, though they may often be felt contracting, and
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psychological, neuropathic, feeblemindedness, crime and so forth. At the