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most importance in the treatment of these diseases. Where there
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material and it is punctuated by 187 illustrations, a
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finance. It parallels the experience of the eye clinics,
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of the Allied countries and the loathsome, revolting,
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and abnormal constituents which may be injected for
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Read before the Section on Urology of The Medical Society
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“Sulfathiazole was used in these studies because of
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Commission on Cancer: Stanley P. Reimann, 703 West Phil-
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are doing him a favor, and at the same time a bill is due you have
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Intensive full-time instruction in those subjects which
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about a year she had been experiencing a feeling of
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For Information Address: MEDICAL EXECUTIVE OFFICER, 345 West 50th Street, New York City
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Read before the Section on Urology of The Medical Society
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cations for the use of plasma in place of whole blood.
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torium care for convalescents, senile cases, nervous
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odical equipment check-ups he desires the G-E Service Engi-
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when he was quite young and knew nothing about medi-
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ter. . . . There is no significant difference in the
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His temperature and pulse were elevated. The stools
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or 5 p. m. Sometimes our patients enter the hospital at
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exfoliative dermatitis and was hospitalized. She re-
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in outline, and showed no involvement of the endocar-
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similar, and, if he traced them out, there would be found other
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by the presentation of case histories from Jefferson
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June 14, 1943, from pneumonia. He formerly served on
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by Mr. Davies for publication in the February Jour-
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ed by nearly 90 per cent of the medical schools in the
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Address : Dept. 814, Pennsylvania Medical Journal. ! i
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Institute, Pittsburgh, December 1, at 8:15 p. m. All
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Carbon John H. Kupp, Palmerton John L. Bond, Lehighton