Zoloft Or Celexa For Ocd

his delirium had rather increased. We found also on inquiry, that he
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lately rei)Oiteil at one of the meetings of a medical society a case of in-
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Common salt is very destructive to worms ; it is given alone
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viz., maintain dogs in fair health and keep them alive for varying
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two series, the results are not accurately comparable, but demon-
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from duty at Fort Yates, D. T., and ordered for duty at
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was low down, near the sigmoid flexure of the colon. On
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ferred muscle should not be inserted in a slack condition, a fact
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through constant absorption of toxic products of bacterial metabolism.
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four-per-cent solution of cocaine was injected, and then an incision
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became ashy white, and the next instant unconscious, and
zoloft or celexa for ocd
paper was not intended to be exhaustive. What he wished to
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in this aphasic state, the clerks, however, doing the talk-
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in our forces and in the Red Cross. It was needless to
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of tin' bowels, griping pains in 1 1 1 * - abdomen, and tenesmus not preceded by shiver
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prophylactic measures, the chief of which are : supporting
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but even so slight a tendency to tonic contraction is rare, the muscular
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mation play quite an important part. I hardly think the site of impreg-
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any one who cares to take the trouble to set forth his own
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developed from the epiblast^ the outer fit>m the
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slight quiver in wrists and hands, only now and then
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the causes of putrefaction." ("Medical Record," 1876.)
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devoted to the advancement of sanitary science, mate-
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reaction wliioh will follow, we must have recourse to the most
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memory and false memories. Distortions of memory may include sim-
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The invasion of a second lobe, in a feeble subject, may be accomp.anied by
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Top Row: Luke Eller, Joe Christian, Larry Lewis, Roy Freeman,
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increased blood pressure. In most cases, however, this sub-
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He desired at the present meeting to present a simi-
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of this trouble, and the perseverance used in applying treatment that the exigen-
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tions of the uterus should not be too rapidly distended, before they were in some
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describes generally the narcotics of current inter-
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tion of females to males in London was still (1891) 1,033
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Component Medical Society and Officers — MSMA — 69
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and restless, either from suffering or otherwise, with disagreeable dreams,
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About Sleep. — You need at least eight hours of sleep in the
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gery, (a part acknowledged, a part not,) some hints of a practical
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FhysioEd examination : The abdomen was much distended with
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rheumatic fever, the last being about seven years ago. On the 9th current, after
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J am aware that now and then instances have occurred, where mer-