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mata. Am. Pract. & News, Louisville, 1890, n. s., ix, 161-

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18 Lucas, W. P., and Osgood, R. B., /. Am. Med. Assn., 1913, Ix, 1611.

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the packing without the least discomfort to the patient

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S3rstem, and diseases of the chest. Specialties result from an increase of

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pleural sacs on the right of the heart, when it passed downwards, and, reach-

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themselves on a rough surface, creep about till they

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it dispenses with the tedious process of differentiation ; it

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well known remedies he could give his therapeutic abilities the widest

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supply. It can still offer to them, for instance, an arena in which

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the time to join. Two meetings a year — initiation one dollar, an-

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J. Da Costa, M. D., Physician to the Episcopal Hospital.

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is in its third year. In America a special medical journal is also pub-

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pregnancy became eclamptic, the epileptiform fits rapidly suc-

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No normal renal tissue could be found by either ma-

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other instances, and in no previous case did any trouble result.

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filled with the uranium solution; 50 c.c. of the disodium phosphate

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general health, and it remained nearly stationary for

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grains of bromide of potash three times a day, with a half

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To fully understand the value of pain in disease it is abso-

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are forms both smaller and larger than this. In each of the daughter

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headache ami different kinds of nervous phenomena, while starvation, if

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enforced. In some the laws are less good, and in some there

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lamella of bone was then in process of exfoliation.

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become, the greater is the reddening; for the epithelial covering becom-

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Local Treatment. — If the treatment is commenced,

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Dose.—YL. & C, l ii.-iv. (60.-120.) ; Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i.

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suppressed, and in the pages of a contemporary I learn

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fellow-laborers in the cause of true medical science. In the ap-

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bubbled up from the bottom of such a basin. In these springs

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urban and rural subsamples were noted. In fact, no signifi-

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reconstructive period in our mental development, in which all

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tion, in a surgical point of view, is efi'ected, viz., the limitation of urinary

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is the frequent discharge of blood from the heemorr-

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attract but little attention. But inasmuch as it does,

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is now a full fledged four year institution. From the beginning it has

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The minutes of the last meeting were read amended and adopted.

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ingested carbohydrates are not utilized normally — common or

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cent, successful vaccinations, 71-77 per cent, unsuccessful, and

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bottle of her previous medicine left, and had not taken

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The changes, microscopically studied, consist in an hyperplasia of the