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who died in the Royal Maternity Hospital, tend to show that this

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the inflammatory action. In the following case I suspected that

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tion of the serum. The attack may be repeated one or more times, or

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Strophanthus. — The first of these is strophanthus, either in the form

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which he found that the amount of phagocytosis and the destructive

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evidence of binding the complement. A quantitative experiment

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small numbers, although in no case have definite foci of such cells

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cholera, the facts alleged may be true or otherwise, but they will be

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of restoring its phagocytic power more or less completely; and (2)

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instrument being broken, the pressure was discontinued. Since it

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nated the drinking-water of all these countries ? Contamination of

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duration, or oedema in nephritis or in heart lesions). If venesection does

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discipline to which he was subjected ; these imprisonments being of

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in more difficult eases, by an elastic bandage encircling and sustaining

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of the mind would it not often save their unfortunate readers !

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treatment which the author recommends seems in some degree to

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the fowl's thigh, and drew blood. In twenty seconds the bird was

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The limb was wrapped in cotton and laid comfortably on pillows.

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2^th. — Though the swelling of the glands has disappeared, this

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Parasitic in the Malpighian Tubes of Lucilia serenissina (Walk.)," ibid., 3, pp.

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ELasslauer. Centralbl.f. Bakt., 1906, i Abt., Orig. 41, p. 633.

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of these agents, and there is no advantage of substituting one mode of

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fatal results — in 3 cases from croup, in several from pneumonia,

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reaction might be of service in deciding the presence or absence of such antibodies.

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antiseptic solution or upon a rubber sheet arranged to collect and drain

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is recorded from this disease. It is by no means satisfactory to

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the anaphylaxis reaction will be found to be fully as specific as

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winter, Egypt is preeminently suitable, especially Helouan near Cairo,

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