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kare been ascertained within late years ; and it is probable that here is a

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Director, U. S. Navy, of Washington, D. C; Secretary,

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guinea-pig — alive. The bacillus is therefore of a strain of no great

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eruption appeared on the body. On admission, pulse 120, small ; tongue florid at

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ucts. This risk cannot be quantitated, and further studies to confirm this finding

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Dr. Wathen (closing) : There is very little that I can add

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the curative process defeated. Dr. Green Avould conclude that,

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time when the disease first became manifest. This agrees with

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employing enemata regularly or daily is quite common with some persons.

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the navel by the ignorant midwives who usually attend on the plantations,

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absent. Leukocytosis must be considered as a specific reaction

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overcome the deviation of a ray of light from a candle

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instructed by, or were the immediate successors of, SirHumphry

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BOVININE promotes the maximum of nutrition and of dynamic energy.

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subjects of importance to the consideration of State

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Mailrid, 1876, ii, 643: 1877, ill, 6G.— ITIonlalvo (J. E.)

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experience has shown that such a puncture with a very fine needle will probably not

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The pancreatic juice digests all three classes of food, albuminates

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just what is present, and to determine what to do in these

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believe that it should be our aim to bring every woman to her con-

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higher cereals have to be imported. The effect of this is to lower

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special means, special experience, and special treat-

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S. 11: 00-1: 00; at Cook County Hospital, Th. 5 11:00-1:00. Throughout the year. Open

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was brought in from the front to Burke's Railroad Junction,

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has tried to prove that the diffusion hypothesis is correct.

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