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De'AXH, Dr. (a. OH. Birmingham Rural and Urban Sanitary District).

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Babinski and Putnam have advised lumbar puncture in treatment

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"That this committee wishes to direct the attention of the Public Health

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Now if we compare these muscle tracings with those pro-

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Cameron. Council ■ Sir George Porter, Bart. ; George Hugh Kidd,

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man's condition has been far better since May, 1891— when

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nerve by the aponeurotic canal through which it passes. Pregnancy

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upper region of the chest. Thus, we may have piJsation that is due

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of thirty cases. The onset is generally gradual, and the time

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applied the perchloride of iron, but the bleeding still kept

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Mr. Jackson Clarke quotes Dr. Wickham as an authorttyi'

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l^»<;phttgus, 343 — Disorders of the Stomach, 344 — Introduction, 344 — Acute

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recognising what these objects are. With a ^larger dose the

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measles is not in force, and adds that he is not disposed to advise his

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to supper, and the gathering was of the most enthusiastic

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examination which is held in difi'erent centres subsequently

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careful inquiry, would the procurator fiscal not order a post-

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of this Branch will be held on Tuesday, June 27th. Dr. C. W. Suck-

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of J gram (7J gr.) to 20 min. of the oil. Formerly the tincture of

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free from adhesions. Fatal peritonitis, therefore, must be due to the

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aside its own invariable custom and traditions by refusing

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ascribed to the bite of a dog, and the pcet Horace mentions its prev-

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chronic bronchitis that I first had recourse to the emulsion of linseed oil

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was 7 years of age. Equally marked is its tendency to affect

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worth, who delivers that in Obstetrics and Gynteeology. The

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to officiate as Deputy Sanitary Commissioner 3rd Circle, North West Pro-

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range of action of alpha-rays, we are told, is within i inch, that of

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Bryant^ states that at Guy's Hospital, out of 54 cases of abdominal

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