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cases of mania after operations are not nearly so infrequent as
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the elevation of the profession as a whole, or promote that har-
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some of the dangers and inconveniences attaching to them may be
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the ordinary Frenchman with the English th, and of the Englishman with
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ysis in the upper distribution of the facial nerve is so
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Kobner accept the views of the French dermatologists,
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Gardner, Dr. H. H., chronic diarrhoea in the Army, 102.
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been remarked upon. If the coverings for wound openings
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the end of the period it diminished in size, and became completely collapsed
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bandage was introduced into the City Hospital xcry shortly
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measure was proposed as necessary to a complete understanding of her
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ther ; though my travels in Greece brought me, while yet
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apt to fail, the quantity of urine excreted often becomes augmented five or six
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of ammonia, or iced champagne; if this can not be done,
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accompanying defects of this kind. Both spoken and written speech
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out adherent of the aseptic as opposed to the antiseptic technique
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doctrines. Such an one was Caspar Hoffman of Nuremberg who
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final result was that he walked perfectly well, without
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Amputations and Compound Fractures. With Statistics 120
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this degeneration often separates the tubes and then finally
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Gentlemen, a word in regard to your relations to the schools
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JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE: Chicago, IL. American Academy of Physical
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The diarrhoea and sweating are both phenomena of the same class,
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was heaped upon it, and it was by this means that he thought
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that the ra|)idity of the aboorptioti from the peritonĀ«-al
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The physical examination had never revealed anything noteworthy beyond
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inch beyond the level of the abdominal integuments, and was distant