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appreciable urinary infection, . . . Cured 37. Died 2.
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the rate was 55; the cardiac cycles measured 1.08 seconds; the P-R inter-
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populous centers and methods of struggling against such causes.
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it a safer and more effective antidote to strychnine
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this time he was given calomel and podophyllin, two grains of
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We have now enumerated the principal sympathetic disorders
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Apollo, reported to have been originally procured from
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end of the cord along the left flank, and pass it through the ring
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ment of what we believe to be the present aspect of the question. We fully agree
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/ '5737 Davis, J. B., and Thurnam, J. Crania Britannica.
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tended with fever." Dr. Watson says further, "I once
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and the absence of the sheath which in other blood-worms acts as a muzzle,
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these, as at all the public gatlicrings, the utmost cordiality was
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increased serum acid phosphatase is described. Metastatic prostatic
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New England in the third quarter, the ratio being m low as 36, when
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trolled by the will of the operator who employs it. In other words,
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Physical Examination. — A somewhat undernourished young man with marked
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rest. Any nobleness of mind begins at once to refine a man's features;
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had the body ; and in carrying the shoulder forward,
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period of the disease; the malady, from being one of the
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itinerant vending of medicines, nostrums, and appliances for the treat-
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majesty was delivering the gold, one shuffled himself in,
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ligatured. After this all went well; cure. — (M. Cesare Stroppa. —
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surgery, Burrell, H. L., and Gushing, H. W., 356, 380; therapeutics,
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waveless air. These solutions remain for months and years as
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and thou art the mother; thou art the male and thou
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the use of the stethoscope, I felt convinced that pulmonary
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cern, and that any means of advancement are lawful* — hence,