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It exerts a specific influence over ulcerated surfaces, especially those of the

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in 1686, and again seven years later. Many contributions to the subject

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Should the dose have been sufficiently large, acute enteritis is set

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which normally should exist beneath the surface at the part where

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the bladder becomes gangrenous, it should be removed by the

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at some object they encounter. But since the pupil is occupied in common by the pen-

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mation has occurred, Campani having reported a number of cases. The latter

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the neighboring parts the abscess assumes an irregular form.

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point of view in this case. There is no longer a single morbific

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medium for immediate ccHnmunlcation with the medical pr<^^ssion of the

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tigation of this side of the human system for them-

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6, 1893. A more detailed account of Dr. Welch's experiments was given by C. B.

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equal pressure of the saddle, or by a saddle being badly

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than their omission, then the doing right, because we love to do what is right,

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filled with fluid and the whole thing would then form a most

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the feet be inverted during sleep by some simple ap-

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Such a case as that referred to by Dr. Dessau he did not

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of heat is generated, for the arrest of motion has been comparatively

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agination, and pronouncing sentence of death upon him. Now, if law

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the scratching produced at times a considerable amount of con-

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ing, so that the victim, an infant, was [narcotized beyond

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paper on the Diminished Employment of Bloodletting and other anti-

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machine ; oxen as meat-makers ; sheep as wool, tallow, and

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is abundantly illustrated and will fill a distinct place in the realm of

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recharging, on an average, once only every i Of the second series of observations

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that he who dared to doubt met but derision. "Authority"

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If all the cattle having this disease could be at once killed and

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' Lundie : Edinburgh Medical Journal, May, 1893, xxxviii.

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the sides of the abdominal aorta to the renal arteries.

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sleep on that side, and the pain is so severe as to prevent even their