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for the protection of the public health and regulating

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child, the diffuse form is suggested. He thinks it better to defer

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The Secretary made the request that all present should sign the reg-

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1908. Janeway, Theodore C, 36 West 40th St., New York.

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grains of aloes and the same of ammonia is often better

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remark that many cases of enteroptosis are mechanically produced,

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epigastrium; not relieved by food, alkali nor lavage. Wasser-

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mycelial thread* with clubbed ends. The albumin increased

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pital. This house had during the patient's stay been supplied dail

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by the new growth ; in other words, they usually have a distinct and

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innominate artery. Its cavity containrd healthy-look-

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therefore a number of small hospitals, or a number of tent en-

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sive in diabetes, in certain nervous affections, and when worms infest

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the course of the arterj^ as is usual, through the skin and cellular

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Medical measures are, however, often powerless, and the important

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of specific gravity 1035, and gave a full sugar reaction." The interesting

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they get weaker as the disease advances, yet they rapidly fatten and are


racts were ripe. In each eye there was a small opaque

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operation, that tube was found to show neither dilatation

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past three A. M: Consciousness slowly returning. — Four A. M. For the first

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The author saw many cases of frostbite among the patients

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evidently been removed by the plumber. Lifting this, the

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and to order a mixture of nitro-hydrochloric acid or phosphoric

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disastrous results. Spencer Wells, in his third case, operated upon on

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the University of Toronto held a banquet at McConkey's Tues-

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waking. Such cases are probably less rare than we suppose. The dose

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former remarks, but the investigations of Klein and a number of others

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tractility — ^resides. The German observers, relying upon external

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feeding, whether the child was the first or twelfth, and so

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plegia, ai)hasia, hemianopia, etc., which are present only

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pig 2793 was killed April 13, 1909 (seventy-three days after Injection), and on

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Nov 17 Physician Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs, SD; Topic: to be announced; Info: Candy Benne,

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* Read by title in the Section of Materia Mediea, Pliarmacy and

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ventricle. The digitalis was discontinued when the pulse, though small,

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Kinnicutt, whose accuracy in clinical observation is extreme.] This condi-

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cillus which stains readily by aniline dyes, the stain in

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mortification that occw in cynanche maligna^ or the gangrene thai occun

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and a caustic humor which everywhere made him enemies