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tinal disease. He examined the bodies of sixty atrophic infants without

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blotchy, irregularly outlined, erythematous patches

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and fixation of the pylorus, this organ experiences a pro-

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I wondered if it was more dangerous than I then thought."

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' ' This phenomenon may be observed in a simpler manner," Widal

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tion "natural vice" dififerentially. But the phrase

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Ordinarily, says the Practitioner for Aiii;usl. the

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thirty. Nativity, Italy. Residence in the United States,

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bne. The author takes up contusions, distortions of the vertebrie,

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Hospital at that place. Commissioned a surgeon from

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serves to bring together a goodly representation of

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peculiar hardness could be felt in the loin. Ko difficulty or pain in

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tressing dyspncea, made it a matter of grave question

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empire, and given the results of their travelled en-

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trouble; (2) the patient may have a variety of gas-

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colored eyeglasses absorb the rays of the sun which are

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or I in 1,000 represents the usual frequency of tubal

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W. P>. Saunders Company. i()io. Pp. 955. (Price, $7.)

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V>ut the Chinese type of eunuch still ministers to the

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abscess, this wound immediately becoming infected, re-

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some loss of flesh and some rise of temperature in the

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little or no value in so far as early diagnosis is con-

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men of Europe — in their opinion of the healthful-

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Finally, there is a series of local causes for fragilitas, among them

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iodoform-gauze packing, by which tlie hemorrhage was perfectly con-

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it in a normal condition. Such dressings and methods of treatment should

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seventh, and the eighth nerves ran on the under surface of the tumor and

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WicKES, H. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Directed to

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naval recruiting station, Chattanooga, Tenn., and di-

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the eighth floor inclusive there will be private rooms. On

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The attention of the patient was held during the opera-

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the decision." This, we suppose, he means in cases of election. The

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ing of the society will be held in Bridgeton, at the City

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generally justly attributable to fatigue, mental disturbance, or dietary

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rests on the surface of the body causes a noise in the ears so intense as to be