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politan Asylums Hospitals and in the London Fever Hospital on the

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were done on rabbits, for these animals react to chloro-

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right hip-joint, then catching the right femur, I managed to

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feet above sea level, and, owing to its latitude, the sun is ab-

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who has recently been in contact with a person suffering from

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obvious that the degree of exposure to infection must vary

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thus render its application inoperative. In only a restricted

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hours, and is less intense in the hottest time of the day.

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the Branch should publish a; joarnal of its own, and Dr. H. A.

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The deaths of persons belonging to Lot don registered during the year

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wife, making 28 persons in all. Of these 28, 23 were protected,

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The revaccination of our army, scattered as it is all over

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rash so uniform in its early stages, and so characteristic of

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pean Russia a few months later changed the whole aspect of

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friends, his reputation as a cultured man in the best sense of

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and much easier of performance than a right lumbar colotomy.

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20<J yards. "The projectiles simply stuck in the 'armour,'

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without appetite. .She lias lost flesh and strength rapidly, and during the

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order limiting the time lor the necessary reform. If the vestry are wise

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is to watch the cornea and to see that the respiration

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brought it all the way to Woking for the purpose of having it

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The seventh congress of French surgeons held its opening

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money he gave for which they had to be grateful, it was also

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an injunction to prove in a case of common-law nuisance that it must be

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drawn to the right side, and continued so for one week. The

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