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placed over the heart region and the sternum, a very strong current

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ing repeated. Now, if such evils are brought on by the simple use of

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the universality of the pain and spasm, the wide-spread hypersesthesia,

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matter ever in motion^ acted upon by an omnipresent force, expand-

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The history of the disease proves the contrary to be true. We have

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DIAGNOSIS. Two stages of locomotor ataxia are recognized by some

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be associated with the signs of acute insufficiency of the left ventricle,

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tonitis has disappeared. In one instance the patient was alive three years

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1882 by Eichard, in 1884 by Marchiafava and Celli, and since by numer-

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general impairment of intelligence, and even chronic hydrocephalus,

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Tuberculosis of the Testis. Miliary tubercles may be found in the

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treatment. In obstruction from intussusception death occurs with the

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douche followed by a momentary cold affusion is very effective. The

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MORBID ANATOMY. The liver is usually enlarged symmetrically, and

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turbances of sensation may occur in lead poisoning ; anaesthesias are not

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may undergo sudden and rapid changes of volume when the patient suf-

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to be indicated by disturbances of digestion, circulation, and secretion,

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ounces of the most offensive cod-liver oil entirely dispelled its nause-

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An almost characteristic symptom is festination, that is, a progressive

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solution of cocaine may in some very severe cases be serviceable. If

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panied with the cachexia of cancer, and exploratory puncture of the

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symptoms are present : such cases may be conveniently grouped under

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the third or fourth day, but the temperature rarely reaches the normal

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losis, being affected in about one-half the cases of this disease.

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vided the profession, and very properly elicited many facts, and

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Eapid beating of the heart is usually considered to be the result of a

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on the Surgery of the Crimean War," both as to the mortality of

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diet and hygienic management of the child, should first be tried : if this