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Differential Diagnosis. — Disseminated sclerosis of the nerve centres is
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be exempted from taxation. This, he said, was in accord-
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become so low in some of our cities as to render the whole
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cases, in which it was injected, in the one at its central, and in the
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the proper remedy is to be sought for among the anaesthetics. But
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Fig. 112. A young parasite with faded cytoplasm. The nucleus is distorted
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blood will aid in settling the question of diagnosis in difBcult cases.
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minal pains, before, during,, and after stool, with great debility
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been no rise of temperature, it rose to 38-39°C. after slight exercise within 3
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upon a state of general debility either hereditary or acquired.
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Physicians," charged with presenting the subject of Registration to
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may be produced by irritation of the skin after the removal of the brain
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claimed that zinc oxide, the bromides, tobacco, calomel, and tartar emetic,
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sition of its discoverer from that held by the true promoters of sci-
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and another wound of 1.2 sq. cm. were both reduced after 17 days to
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NosB, — Much mucus in nose without having taken uold {1. — I4th d.) —
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Dr. Shelton fulfilled his duty as delegate to the New
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Dr. Geisoom remarked that be has used the chloroform externally
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culture happens to be at the time of transplantation. The bearing
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clear serum, immediately separated from the clot and kept under similar con-
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or the acute infectious diseases. Chronic pachymeningitis interna is a
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In the present series of thirty-seven cases in which the kidneys
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by aenrous dtstarbaooe. She was soon relieved, and got aloo^ Terr
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hopeful, ^hen the patient is young, when strabismus occurs, or the
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severe cases the body is covered with ecchymoses, and sub-serous hemor-
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Evans (15) has recently described these vitally staining cells in detail. He
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istered in the form of pill. The preparation of lead is free from this
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For the reduction of hernia by taxis, .• ....• $10 to 60
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conditions for multiplication on entering a new host, only a few hours
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The materials having relation to the medical statistics of Phila-
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it was used without reserve by any person who might choose to
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is of benefit where there is much suppuration {e. </., boils, carbuncles, etc.).
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varieties of very different causation and anatomical changes, and shall
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attack of cholera, he loses, in four, six, or eight hours, 200 thou-