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depression, every fringed tubercle must be examined in the hope that
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nancy. Several studies suggest an increased risk of
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drawn from the cover, without a word being said in explanation
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Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., and ordering to tlie " Indiana,"
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rapid cutting and by the delicacy with which it can be manipulated. I
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considerable number of instances in which genuine heat-stroke was followed by
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disease? Yet there is no difference between this and a
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and baffled by the obstinacy of the disease. Injections, of whatever
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and astonishingly easy. Personally I reserve these radical
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lications from the Department of Agriculture at Washing-
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beast every 15 days, necessitating an enormous quantity of serum.
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I could quote numerous authorities in confirmation of these
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one observes a few simple precautions which concern chiefly the
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all conditions that result from the present fast life which we
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Irwin, Fairfax, passed assistant surgeon. Gran ted leave of
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hind the mirror, we can never have even one point where
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that scarcely a man was able to march from his quarters.
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bed and made to sweat there, this method of treatment is rendered more active.
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first clearly described by Theobald Smith, and which is called by this name
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strument or therapeutic appliance, colorfully illustrated books or anatomical charts,
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Diet.— Liquids, such as hot soups, hot lemonade, oatmeal gruel.
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functions. This is accomplished through ample physical and mental
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are, with few if any exceptions, of congenital origin ; while internal
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culosis ; this condition is also rare, for the placenta is
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old age, and in mature age between thirty and fifty, than during