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The presence of apertures between the two sides of the heart,

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been under his care nine days. He had despaired of her recovery and

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into the peritoneal cavity, even when pus is present, except sterilized

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There was conjugate deviation of both eyes to the right, pupils equal but

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3 lbs. beef suet, 2 lbs. raisins, 2 lbs. currants, 2 lbs. sugar, 2 lbs.

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very little about some of the most interesting physiological problems

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Whereas, This unfortunate result is largelj- preventable, being due to the neglect of

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the latter the number of individuals is much greater than among the former. In

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Gondring, W. : Prevention of the juvenile and adolescent athletic injury.

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kneel behind the patient's head facing his feet; grasp his forearms

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sublimate and carbolic acid necessary to kill them. He then

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21 See : Binz, Sitzuugsber d. Niederrh. Ges. 1869 ; Berl. kl. Woch-

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genital cytomegalovirus infection: Neonatal morbidity and mortality. Pediatr In-

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esophagus. Ulcers at the lower end of the esophagus

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however, possibly a little too confident in his anticipations : thus he

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ments within which practice should be allowed. Again,

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remedy we use most in cardiac disease, digitalis, contracts

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public hospital, would be requisite; exclusive of the usual appren-

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ing, slate-colored, or black cheesy masses. I have only seen this

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but the bleeding was at once arrested completely by a

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and, looking down, saw that a splinter had torn my trousers to

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entire foetus could be extracted through the rectum, as one of

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cells of any kind, offering a plain illustration of

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ly show that, even where the weight of the food is considerable,

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12 Sagittal section showing ophthalmic nerve and ciliary ganglion, 9 day

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Examination of eyes showed much dilated vessels ; discs of

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character, offensive gases are produced and the stable sludge