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tropical climates; and hence also its epidemic prevalence is confined to temperate

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"This table shows the great frequency with which the tuberculous

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reported. Bonhoeffer, after fully reviewing the subject, concludes that

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variations in the locations of these positions. For instance, in

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. ,, ,„u.r a succe-ful bombardment by the enemy, trom which c^,su:d.>e.

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healing The duration of pain and new lesion formation

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delivered directly into circulation, and all injury to the vessel was prevented.

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It is hardly within the province of this paper to dis-

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strictions, he stated that as the procedure fulfilled the

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ing whooping-coueh by the application of atomized fluids to the air-passages,

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spread over the greater part of Europe as a virulent and

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fused entn,' at the port of New York, during the past year, 1S7T,

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made when weighing from 50 to 100 pounds, and a well-bred pig

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from the Bulletm of the Hygienic Laboratory of the Public

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sense of suffocation comes over the patient, causing him to seek relief by

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D. Absolute rest of organs of voice. Inhale the following:

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tion toward cure. Sometimes this is of itself sufficient

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order of frequency with whicli the different organs are affected is

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cases of Bright's disease with abundant general dropsy ; but it often occurs

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always relapsing, always resisting cure. Its course

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Later (Arch. Bd. iv, p. 241) he showed from post-mortem exami-

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situations should not be irritated or inflamed by the same chemical or

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is the rational mode of treatment. An opportunity is thereby afforded

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vature in the lower third of the right thigh together with

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acid reaction, and gave a marked reaction with nitric acid color test for

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a sketch of the skull of P. J , a criminal, who, it is

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explain the situation. Kleine's experiment on monkeys, confirmed by

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much swollen, so that it is at first difficult to thor-

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ment is red, shining, and adherent, you may without hesitation

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torment and suffering, the result of nerve-tire, due in many

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The short, hacking cough contrasts with the deep, rare cough of

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and there applaud, it is no longer ours to dictate and decide.