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and surgical degrees in the Irish Universities will be admitted to a

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are used for safety tests of poliovirus vaccine or for the detection of

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fifth edition we may be sure its merits are neither few nor

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The predilection which the disease manifests for certain cantons

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If the cells shown in figure lt are epithelial cells the question

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time of Von Haller no investigations worthy to be called

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sphygmogram to New York to send a tracing of it made

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changes in the medulla. These changes principally af

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intestine. Clinically it is characterized by frequent slimy and bloody

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control over their behavior so that for a time they may be

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combination of diabetes and pulmonary tuberculosis is of bad omen. A

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Studies on Fetal Lung Maturation and Respiratory Distress Syndrc re in

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npon data which I found in Pettigrew a Medical Portrait

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cases however if non suppurative get well without surgical treatment

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LSOMC dominated the volleyball courts in the fall semester

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genuine fear of destruction from within while preg

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practitioner since he alone usually saw the case in the

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When the spinal column is invaded by the disease there is an

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should like to quote briefly from three communications made to the

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ine contraction. Incomplete contraction allows intra

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be found in the New York Medical Journals Oct. th and th. This

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degeneration in the nerve cells. These hyaline bodies ap

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calves could be vaccinated at any time without risk to others. The

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an increase in the quantity of urine. It is not uncommon for a

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deaths that have occurred of late in the ranks of our professsion.

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clinical results may not be obtained unless extra systoles or

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