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contains earthy matter, and even small fragments of bone ; and that
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altogether wanting to enable us to determine with exactitude the rela
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plainly traced from one generation to another. The disease itself is
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But we think we know to-day that tuberculosis is a curable disease, i. e.,
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8. Newburgh, L. H., and Marsh, P. L.: Arch. Int. Med., 1920, 26, 647; 1921,
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as to cause lameness of the fore-leg of the side upon which it is situated."
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In an emergency the first two may be omitted, but under no cir-
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Cooper (two cases with pressures over 200), Levine (systolic pressure |
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Professional duties to a " native corps," or to a second-class
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when the patient turns the eyeballs to one side — lateral nystagmus. Some-
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his getting rest by night or day ; he finds himself under the neces-
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produced by pressure upon the portal vein of a cancerous nodule connected
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the baptism of a prematurely-expelled foetus, and attempted
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The mental condition of epileptic patients forms an ini-
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help to destroy the health, happiness, and higher civilization of
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under the skin of the back of a rabbit, and a solution of the prussiate of potash
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detriment in performing the duties properly devolving
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the reign of the Emperor Valentinianiis I. at Constanti-
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opinion it would be wise to hold ourselves in readiness to
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of chronic metritis and endometritis, with profuse menstruation lasting
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into the bottle, the bottle corked and put in a cool place.
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of air in the tympanum, but diminishes it; and it is thei*efore the
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complications of the disease, especially scarlatinal pneumonia and angina,
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was relaxed. In 1893 the immber of cases rose to 93; in 1894, to 248;
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undisputed sway. Friedlaender, speaking of medicine in
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Cucial Ligaments, Division of, for Knee and Kylosis, 77.
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which is not of the best, and whose teachers are not
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patients is very important. Their sub- from allowing patients out of isolation
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I think frequently comes from the trolley or wheels of electric
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of the bones with erosion of the cai'tilages; there was a
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ligaments are relaxed, and if also the interstitial cartilage
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for which no satisfactory alkaloidal substitute has been dis-
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vision. In the most recent systematic work on the anat-
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Against the conclusions arrived at by Chittenden, we have
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operation on the soft palate In a patient who was exhibited at a
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tion, increases by the use of the pneumatic apparatus, and often very
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40 to 50% of any quantity of radium element, intravenously used, is eliminated in
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that is important in the work of tlie Surgical Societies of the United States, Great
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