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intoxication caused by meat, cheese, and other foods.


The difeafe known by the name of epiphora^ or watery eye,

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It is in the second stage of labor that we have the most fre-

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Mr. J. S. Fairbarn 8 reports a case of removal of a red

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can not prevent a recurrence of cases nor investigate

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days rather than the actual of 4.5 days. This represents a

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currence of chronic liver disease and related risk factors.

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Typhus Fever, — While the classical temperature chart is usually

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result of parturition should be considered as a step in

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Ihe patient should be placed under cliloroform, and aU arrange-

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In some cases this purpura is limited to the skin in the form of petechia?

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what is the effect of any or all of these measures? Simply by purely

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defective is placed in a school for the blind, it does not usuall}'

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was 104° F. On the following day, March 11, 1901, I

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less there should be a valid reason why radical opera-

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statute, and cited Regina v. Jones ; that case was very similar to the present ;

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illness like that of cholera is frequently followed by perma-

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composing it being chiefly lymphocytes ; but other cells are present,

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sleeve-like patches, occupying, for example, the forearms or thighs only,

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where it is no longer possible for any one man to grasp every detail. Or

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mouths, three years and fourteen years. Feb. 22-23. Some albumen in urine.

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recent years. This due, no doubt, to the fact that formerly only a por-

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The X rays, though imperceptible, readily pass through flesh,

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tion to l^upigan in the winter of 1840-11, and seemingly retraced its course to appeir

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but, nevertheless, it is not possible to divide them into distinct classes.

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children, it is important to know that at birth the

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tlie dilatation and atrophy of the uterine wall were dependent on insutticient

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operation by Drs. Dox, Stone, and Gilbert. Having re-

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Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. January,

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firmed or ruled out as the planning proceeds. The published plan

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to put forth, a book on Continued Fever. His clinical

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ments in which many fleas were used to obtain infection. In

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enlargement of the larynx or of the glands in the neck. I