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The mineral acids, with a bitter, such as tincture of nux vomica, are

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absence of well-marked symptoms of cerebral congestion, the symptoms vibr.ating

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membrane or film. If seen before this membrane appears, the

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of air in such rooms is frequently stifling. Ordinarily 13 feet is high

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P. he was suffering from irregular chills and fever. He was about, but very

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showed that it ranged from the 28th of December to the 20th of January, 1873, from 98° F.

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honor of medicine is yours, its heroes are your heroes. The

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which she had had for three and one-half years, and

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and of " cating-sorcs," by means of a secret remedy. It tvould be

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bagan, is supposed to play the part of the rat in plague transmission. In California,

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envelope, evinces more than any other tissue of the body a

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he could get up and might have continued favorably. As, how-

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the influence of its manufactures, which are much inferior,

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up this adipose tissue. Sometimes it is so soft and yield-

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Derivation. — Recovered from quinoidine, or from the

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Dr. Young has attempted to inquire a little more minutely

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months continuously and in one of them for 18 months.

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After severe cerebral or spinal lesions, or exacerbations

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surgical interference was before what was a mere slit be-

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like the youth above mentioned are comparatively incapable of self-defense,

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intersect the crowded centres. We have lately seen a plan for a

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CARDIZEM have exhibited reversible acute hepatic injury as

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ly of the. vapor bath ; Spts: Minder:, and infusion of Diosm:, Cren: with

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•roper attention to their treatment conduces not a little to the sweet-

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distinct species of insects, which, being inhaled, found a re-

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perforation, resulting in peritonitis 8r cellulitis, depending

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had lately a very serious effect, the horses ran aS whh a

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atic pathology made in recent years was that by Opie

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had been, in the parents' estimation, worse I sanious discharge from the nares ; the

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so important or efficient as quina here, our best and truest specific.

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them at a lower figure. Dr. Rodrique excluded the products

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the jjleura. Tlie left lung was also infiltrated with "colloid."

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ever otherwise — for we find Dr. Ellis and Dr. Wood, of

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water over the hands and feet of her infant; he .is scalded, and dies