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died under one year of age ; 1052 died between the ages of one

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Inhalation Apparatus ••••••••••••<*. S5.00

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^^ Although Rokitansky mentions four kinds of cancer occur-

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VIN DE BUGEAUD and the opinions of the French medical press on the

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the uterus slowly induced, in an otherwise healthy organ, from those

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The Humanized Crusts are warranted to be from typical cases,

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present, nor is it pathognomonic when marked. If members of the family

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tions, and that in this wa}' were produced the purulent collections in the

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Avhich this discoloration is especially observed, but it may extend to the

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words, the one Latin and the other of Greek derivation, there is no good

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has been had especially to idiopathic or primary laryngitis. When the

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by Robert Burns, in '^The Cotter's Saturday Night," was a fair

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Every fluid drachm contains 15 grains EACH of Pure Chloral

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Cases have been reported in which this was observed for twelve, twenty-

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came flushed and the eyes watery. Shortly the efl['orts were discontinued,

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situation of the ai)ex-beat, together with the enlarged area of the super-

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opportunity to enter his protest against one idea which was too

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The clinical history, after the discharge takes place, will, of course,

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Selecting serous inflammations as typical, because they are distin-

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the relief of urgent symptoms, is seldom productive of all the

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The infrequency with which the disease is found in the post-mortem

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molecule of which it is composed, is endowed with the principle

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the anaemic state which generally exists, and the eff*ect of mercurialization

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and it is sometimes in the form of numerous filaments or villous projec-

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number and size of cavities. It is usually more abundant in the morning

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tively and actually contracted. The dorsal spine becomes curved ante-

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The term enteralgia denotes a neuralgic affection referable to the intes-

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uric acid, and the phosphorus with the soda, forming two soluble com-

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is Prognosis, or the prediction of the termination of diseases.

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complaint, upon recovery, not to regain their former state of

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natural a coneKtion as possible. The weather at that period was

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slowly destroyed b}^ the continued escape of blood, or repeated attacks of

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Whether pure or mixed the gas is sold at the uniform price of 5 cents a gallon. The cost of the cylinders will W*^!