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bronchitis differ from those of ordinary bronchitis chiefly as required

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Feb. 15th. Can raise the lid half way. The tenderness of the

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concerned, is good, provided the subject be not debilitated and proper

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Rarely the pain may be so slight as to be insignificant, and the diagno-

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aoolishedj while in simple contusion these movements persist, and in

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only in the front of the chest, but also in the back and in the left lumbar

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pharynx, and oesophagus, and in the upper air-passages. In the latter a

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In chronic general tuberculosis as distinguished from acute general

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fever admitted into the hospital in Munich was abruptly and permanently

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by excessive heat. Again, cholera morbus, or at least the congeries of

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cess in 1773. The first case reported in England was operated upon

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blance of the swollen neck of affected individuals to that of swine,

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source of local irritation, in the thorough treatment of digestive disturb-

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only oMained at the confines of death." " We have no need to

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not always accompany the paralysis. The latter is often hemiplegic, not

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an hour (dose, one to two drops). Cannabis indica is largely used in

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eruption and its association with indurated glands makes the diagnosis

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Clerks and others who are required to use the arm excessively in

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Other changes than those above described are circumscribed cellular

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tions are to be excluded by the slight fever and the absence of epidemics.

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lation by bands and cords, by slits and fissures, and by peritoneal pouches,

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conspicuous than muscular pain. Trichinosis in children runs a milder

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group consists of the muscles of the calf and of the deeper posterior leg-

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must be cutting or crushing. But, happily, surgery now stands on

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a bath of very hot water and have a cold douche on the head from three

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potassium iodide in very small continuous doses (one-fiftieth grain of

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the so-called petit mal, which in its ordinary form consists of a momen-

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however, may be due, as suggested by Thayer, to a local active congestion

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for he says that *' dysmenorrhoea showing itself in women who have

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tion of gall-stones for evidence of the persistent existence of a single

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