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chloroform, as it had not come into general use. But he thought that

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it must go on through life — the grey-haired physician who had gained

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strates this fact. On the other hand, when the rectum is loaded, the

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A MEETING of this Society was held on Thursday, October 20th, at the

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cover that the weather has some influence upon it; and I think that

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EASTRY UNION, Kent— Medical Officer for the Ash District.

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books ; this should be done at certain times, and not delayed. Physical

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the present w-ork, viz., a chronological list of Fellows, commencing

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and that eight would be quite a sufficient number for each tent. It is

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receive the advantage of his labours. "Every one," said Mr. Brodhurst,

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having lost both his own from frost during this retreat.

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imperceptible ; and yet that the same heart may, by its diastole, give

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gery, Practice of Medicine, Midwifery, Medical Jurisprudence, Clinical

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medical officers in the service of the British Society, the writers of the

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Messrs. G. Busk and H. Hancock are Vice-Presidents, consists of twenty-

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vail pretty generally that the virus producing it was not confined to

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first demonstrated by Schrceder van der Kolk and admirably illus-

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The kidney is the chief natural outlet for superfluous liquid. A free

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moved, and where operation is necessary, the risks and annoyance are

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axis of the rupture, over the external ring ; this, and abo some fibrous

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land ; Thomas Silvester Gell. En^^land ; Charles Bailey Glenfield. England ;

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be done in cases where there was doubt, it would be very valuable.

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men actually present 3.6 days, and each case was on an average thirty days under

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distances. Lastly, Mr. Couper pointed out a new method of utilising

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the drawbacks of more or less humidity, much cloudy weather, and a

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amination. Of the latter, there are 419. The total number is 1,340.