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Urethritis. — The pus is in small quantities, is passed in advance of
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swollen and slightly red membrane, Avith a distention of the mucous
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rected. The medicinal treatment is to be aimed at the causal or primary
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second sound. Thus the right heart compensates the lesion in the left,
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jaundice in some cases. Shortly the general features of circumscribed
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Money may be sent at the risk of the publisher in either of the following ways •. A post-
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acteristic features of prolonged obstruction of the bile-ducts, from im-
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the same time by putting the patient at rest with the head lowered.
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mary disease assiduously, but not pericardial empyema. Incision (after
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becoming released, may give rise to embolism in distant parts. Tuber-
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the means of preserving that which has been begun, and to begin
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tively rare, and, unless the abscess rupture into the gastro-intestinal
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Ktiology. — Pasteur has found the poison abundantly present in the
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monium muriate, gr. v-x ad ^j — 0.324-0.648 ad 32.0) are valuable in
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ness in the fifth interspace to the right of the sternum {cardio-hepatic
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number of instances in weavers. It is also prone to attack servants,
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breath-sounds on auscultation are exceedingly feeble, and in some
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but is caused by pressure on the respiratory movements. Auscultation
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quinin, arsenic, and ergotin. None, however, have proved particularly
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been established consisting of more than 11,000 cases. Leprosy is not
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Among the features in contemplation for the near future is a
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breathing. There is lowering of the diaphragm. Palpation is negative
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other specific bacteria, those of typlioid and tuberculosis are not un-
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tervene as a membrane between dilute solutions of electrolytes of different
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the report of the committee on local arrangements for the American
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the associated emphysema. Hence dyspnea is commonly observed.
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tinct, soft, and movable tumors, their color being a reddish-gray.
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the general muscular weakness. Rarely a myxedematous condition
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of the intense local tenderness and pain it is reasonably sure that per-
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organ, (h) Cor biloculare, or reptilian heart, in which the septum be-
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"There is a mass of valuable material crowded into this small compaso." — American
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used. Thus miners and smelters and those engaged in making mirrors,
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markably good. Anorexia is not only seldom present, but such persons
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to 0.972, t. i. d., may be given). A. E. Taylor's studies show that if
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fevers, whooping-cough, diphtheria, malaria {paroxysmal glycosuria),
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gan to have regular uterine contractions. She was given a seda-
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