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a unitary problem; a child's life is a unitary, not a jointed
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tween its columns, and a battery of Leyden jars, such a bat-
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co-ordinating function of the cerebellum is subserved only by the middle
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ters for the auricles, or, at all events, intimately
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fully conscious of every touch of the instruments, and of
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Boteler is editor, a description is given of the case of his daughter, now five years
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supposed, though it may escape detection. In the male, it is
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as our patient labom'ed under. He had not been subjected to any
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fatal outcome. Patient 2 had hepatic failure and remained
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by venous transfusion, the remainder being given subcutaneously.
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found essentially in its normal position. At the pyloric
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the passive voice. There should be no getting down on the knees
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in fact. The food collection at Kensington, though of much
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again into a moderate oven until the top is a light golden brown.
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parts takes place quickly, that is, within a few hours, or, at most, a few
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open a field for medical philanthropists to investigate. Had I time I
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with any of the salts ; the formation of the mineral chameleon; the
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occasion dulness and other signs simulating pleural eftusion; or a localized
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the medulla and pons, and hence in syringomyelia the symptoms are not
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protrusion, but had never worn a pessary; had frequently
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of the os calcis. As the valgus was recurring, a tendon grafting would
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Trophic influence of the cerebellum. — Luciani regards the cere-
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An hour afterwards bleeding set in, and the patient lost about
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yet come to a clear understanding upon that point. With regard to
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to the Present Time. By I. M'Burney, LI*1)., and Samuel NeiL New edi
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scopic examination showed a moderately thickened and suc-
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The formation of some travelling fellowships in connexion with
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remain in the institution for a period of three years and
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heart, but in whom the general picture or the char-