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that his book, entitled Dying Scientifically (to be found
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11 from whooping-cough, 6 from scarlet fever, and .^ from diphtheria.
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A PAPER was read by Dr. Kenneth McLeod on a remarkable
substituted. The dulness iu the second space vanished in a day or two,
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is no doubt of service. In the majority of such cases, how-
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very extreme safety. What benefit can be derived from
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Effect on Animals. — Rabbits, guinea-pigs, mice, pigeons,
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the north pole was presented to her ; she resumed the same
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treatment shall pay the sliilling fee like all other out-
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pally in cities and large factory and commercial towns, but;
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February 17th, by the Berlin Medical Society, in honour of
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carried out far less strictly than it would be if the cases
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unfamiliar to the British gynecologist and practitioner. A
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DnJl Hall. Dr. Cookson, of Nuneaton, noting that his name <1"1,P™
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the owners whose cattle are sacrificed on the altar of hygiene
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injure the Society; we would suggest that judgment lie
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for removing it were— increasing growth, pain, andtheiectal and bladder
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turns, the bulging of the side disappears, the intercostal'
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centre, the heart not being aflfected until a very excessive
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of tramps, a large number of workhouses being infected as
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filled with cancer and two closely adjacent masses of cancer were re-
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noticed, or when at all excited, there was protrusion and re-
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An obstetric assistant of the above hospital told me soon after the
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tive county. In the first quarter of the year, 2 cases and 1 death due to
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of liquid filth." The .Ird Division, with a death-rate of ^ty.l, has " narrow
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change being due to the fact that the oil becomes charged with biliary
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prodigality of panic, the unstinted expenditure being
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their rights and refuse to be sworn otherwise, and to refer the
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The formal report, which we publish elsewhere, and the
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Dr. J. Edwin Cooney has sent in his resignation as medical
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bones and joints, so that the work contains a complete and
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outside of hysteria there does not exist a single affection
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two subjects is not very apparent ; but tlie lecturer pointed
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Aii.irophtna.imo<i, Mr. V, T Collins ... ... ... ... 586
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Devon four cases of cancer had occurred in difl'erent families
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Hospital ; E. Moreton, of St. Thomas's Hospital and Mr. Cooke's
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Mr. Disraeli's letter with some attention to discover that he
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took the chair, the President, Sir James Paget, being pre-
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Mendits de la Societe de Biologic of Paris, and which are :
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