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arranges by themselves those remedies which produce similar physio-

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Morbus Coxae — Curability of hepatic affections of this kind — Disease of Liver

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It is a remarkable and curious fact, that man is the only animal in

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them than any yet devised, and this impression was confirmed by the

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to undervalue. During the early planting of homoeopathy in Britain,

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I cannot pass over in silence the remark, that my cases only prove

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Dr. Houston. I have not time at present to enter into his arguments ;

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Locock asserts, that convulsions of this nature may be recognized by the

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3. They are but little affected, if at all, by anti-

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Hunting, Lincoln, 111. ; Chas. J. Mansfield, New York city ; Holmes

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fever (for it is generally about this period that cerebral symptoms begin

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"A dull, wearing, and fixed pain would attack the patient in the

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surface of the brain, and not more than a teaspoonful at its base. The

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The essential features of the case are grouped together in

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with but little impediment, so can the enuretic with his "stuttering

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great principles established by Hahnemann. How many animals

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the nephritic cases, 77 were traced to their original ambulances;

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same in a fresh state without salt or any curing whatever.

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affected in any disease. It is doubtful whether the liver has any

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alfo arifes fome f mailer leaves fet here and there-

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therefore again take a fresh day of departure, from the 2nd of July.

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inability to give the requisite time to its duties he must decline. If

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his " Medical Notes and Eeflections,^^ he says, '^ It is true that some

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if he labours conscientiously and perseveringly in performing the impor-

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He had lost bis right eje some twelve years before from an inflam-

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affection of that organ, which has been too generally looked upon as the

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and in regular practice in the county, some twenty representatives of

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the following institutions : Massachusetts Listitute of Technologj' ;

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twitches of the eyebrows and angles of the mouth ; breathing irregular,

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and cold extremities, and often attempted to get out of bed. Yet we

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to the Region of the Liver or Spleen, ir eales their

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the disease less severe, and the number of new cases diminished, which