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atrophy shown by Dr. O Carroll some years ago when the

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The breath became fetid. The expectoration was mucopurulent and of a

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serous cellular tissue as he had supposed thus rejecting the

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some facts and figures are given which are instructive.

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lieves that you will be spared to place the matter fully

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Twenty year follow up of protective immunity of the Oka strain

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congestion should be obviated by changing the patient s position

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sometimes but rarely possible and is clearly the best treatment

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Dr. Samuel Daufortb of Cambridge graduated from Harvard in

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small blood vessels and one nervelet spanning the aperture

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and a fresh culture was made from the brain of this

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short time when this ceases emaciation or failing in

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began as soon as the process of repair from the opera

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spirit and dusted with powder. A useful mixture is one part boracic to

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Research Committee j s nd by Hamer. From the evidence it

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them alone is sufficient to stamp the origin of the communicable

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processes received the terminals of the fillet radiations

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ical factors viz a A form produced by the Bacterium

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certain manner before the formation of wheals is achieved. For

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v hy this severity of local and general disturbance should

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helminthes possessing a mouth and a pharynx. The latter bifurcates

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discovered as he thought retroversion of the uterus for which

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of the reasons why the vaginal route should he chosen

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alleviation. Driven thus into a corner I resolved to try the guaiacum

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This is often of material value. Pyoktanin solution i

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I have been thus minute in detailing the above case as

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rhagica. Lastly there is endemic haemoptysis due to the bronchial fluke an

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verify the facts which lie at the basis of the results offered in

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deeper through it with the pen while the super sulphate of zinc

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artificial opening and only a small amount through the pylorus.

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and materially retard the getting up of our patient. The occurrence of

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gradual loss of blood. The first case in which the opera

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The following table shows the daily average of diphtheria attacks

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May not the projectile have perforated the base of a thick fold of

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mal size or a little broader sometimes congested and of a dark red

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points of view. Further the practitioner is not obliged to wait as is

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Company first began to relieve surgical conditions with which at their

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The Popirs Introduction to Botany containing the Description and Phy

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In a large preparatory school a boy fell ill with measles

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was continued. October the bandage and pad were removed and the

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view that diarrhoea is a bacterial infection or making the

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the early administration of the ergot of rye in a case of extremely