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that was thus vacated. The doctor then would diagnose the case as quickly as possible (Dr.
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other hygienic measures, but in six months another attack fol-
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culminated in a conference at New Haven, the outcome of which
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upon the musculo-spiral nerve. It is a splendid illustration of the physio-
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this is the case it is easy to see that "chemical" poisons cannot
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Press, — G. Harlan Wells, M.D., Philadelphia; Dermatology, — Ralph Bern-
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Bunker Hill at which Dr. Joseph Warren fell, for Dr. Warren was inter-
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ture last year was f 1,142. 00, and we had $225.00 of fines. I believe the expenses of the
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power to deal with this motion, ^t is very well to put our opinions on record ; but I do not
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ments of matriculation in order to elevate our profession in the eyes of the community, and
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most valuable handmaid to surgery, but does not pretend either in
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creased. There were times after the maximum was reached that
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world, depends upon the man himself. Two years fits a man very well in an Arts univer-
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if the University of Trinity College has no medical faculty of its own it is no longer
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before a student can matriculate, it is taking too great a jump all at once. I was going to
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Formed the keynotes of the Congress, although they were kept well
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had been working at the plans for the Congress, many hundreds