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Nevertheless, the malarial poison does appear to exert a direct influence upon the
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from the room of a male boarder, and when asked the trouble had said she
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consequence removed. Were we to admit it as being so, we
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possibly or probably related to nizatidine. In some cases, there was marked
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internal urethrotonfy by passing the Maisouneuve urethrotome with
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cysts and even of pus tubes, without disturbing the pregnancy.
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Monomania and melancholia, when recent, accidental, and
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eye when first applied, but before the termination of the
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having remained impermeable during the time, the embryo
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If we can with safety postpone a vaginal examination until the severer pains
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;ind still ha^'c their continuance from a root much deeper than
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of the neck, even where every 'precaution appeared to have been
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cold applications to the swollen g-lands will be help-
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ment in the blood of the living patient in order to complete the find-
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Asst.-Surgeon B. E. Peck, ordered to the Pensacola, April 25.
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which ]\Ialgaigne made about ten years ago ? INIust we evoke
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when they are healing, we find the g^eneral snrfitee smooth and ckan «r
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18 1 9 extant, it is to be assumed that he saw the original
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ments adopted restrict the arbitrary control of the State Board
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bedclothes, and occasionally convulsive movements, begin early. The
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on his face, the chest ruljbed, and ammonia api>lii'd to the nose.
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dysentery, or if the acute passes into a chronic stage, the mucous membrane
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which supervened at the same age as his father's, is an excellent
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and at the base hospitals 2 per cent, of the wounded were admitted for
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upon the stage of the microscope either the mesentery or the web of
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saleratus dissolved in a little hot water, and flour enough to
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using freshly made salol-coated ipecac pills, and begin
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digested albumin are so small that the error through squaring and multiplication is
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— — . Del com|ieudio dei secreti rationali. Li-
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That it is unfair may be seen in the cunning with which the
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" Nothing short of an international copyright law can place this matter upon
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of October, 2 in the second week of December and 1 in the fourth
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on October 11. Altogether 33 cases of cholera — of which 6
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Dr. William Gilman Thompson read a paper entitled "Sporadic
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result of his own mental operations guided by his teacher's
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that the common way of treating venereal ulcers was, in most cases, erro-
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be substituted, after the plan of Mr. Alderman's in-
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attacked, may be infected from the throat or the intestinal tract. As to the
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