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by the observation of concomitant signs of acute rheumatism in the

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symptoms, even though they do not seem to be typical, are attended

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30. Howell: Am. Jour. Physiol., 1910, xxvi, 453; ibid., 1913, xxxii, 264.

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Shields, which have an aggregate population of 368,000, during the

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sheath. This leads to the loss of the hair, and in a later stage the

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comatose stage. The delirious stage is probably initiated by the stimuli

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100 for another ten days. The arrhythmia became less and less marked, until

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and the percentage of nephritis steadily increased, much more consis-

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Rolando is a common site (Fig. 7). In the cerebellum a count of one hundred

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In these experiments the fibrinogen solution used consisted of one

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microscopic examination. The general diagnosis rests upon the

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which have been examined the thyroid gland has been found to be

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tendo Achillis contained 1.42 per cent, of mucin, which is nearly

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not cause any of the symptoms which followed total extirpation of

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Acer spicatum. Viburnum prunifolium, Viburnum opulus and the bark of the

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organs, acting as sources of peripheral irritation, appear in some cases

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tonics are powerless for good when the right ventricle is overdis-

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