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ner as described above, with the exception, that small fine saws
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every negro stevedore leaving camp went into effect
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by which it is conveyed to the bodies of men ; but that the analysis
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Dr. Baillie having pronounced violent epigastric pulsations
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a structure has been mentioned, even detailed with accuracy,*
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the refreshing drink of beer or light wine that they
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in the spinal fluid, the injections may be repeated
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whether there existed malignancy or not. Until this
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Previous, then, to the breaking of the membranes, the ute-
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tate, one grain of each to the ounce, is used in its
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prove quite serious, particularly when inhaled by one
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the child, her third, was very Large, and all her children were still-born.
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par 1' ignorance irrite et inflamme l'orifice, et prolonge au lieu d'abreger du travail."
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the following points were particularly emphasized :
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who are cognizant of the insufficiency of positive scientific evi-
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But it is evident that these health-preserving arts are ancil-
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cases in which it was necessary to keep the patient
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with a small portion of muriat of soda and sulphat of lime ; the whole
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that the posterior or nervous portion of the i)itui-
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vital parts of connective cell structure, differ en-
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depressing phase of the process is not an essential
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with extract of stramonium, and tepid salt water shower baths
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being the hymen ; . . . a deep fissure about an incli long . . .
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by feigned or forged diplomas to secure confidence or character,
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animus of the critic, it tells rather for his sagacity
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ty-one died or seventy per cent. None of those died
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cauterized with a silver nitrate stick. Then a long
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and Surgeons, Columbia University: Chief of Clinic, Derma-
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system, for the space of two years, during which no trace of tape-
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flammation caused an abscess whicli discharged externally ; and
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as gathered from the newspapers and from public utter-
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such cases should be looked on with suspicion unless
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medical instruction for army ofificers and with the
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size demonstrated in Doctor Farnell's sj^ecimen had
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characters, and is less under the influence of climate than perhaps
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its completion. A free opening must be made with the ordi-
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was, a perfect agreement in external aspect, altitude, and climatology,
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pedition, of a strength of 42,000, lost 206 men killed
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there is rise of temperature with bronchitis, some-
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causing this type of infection are nonpus producing,
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and blistered; after which, I directed a plaster of opium,
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quently occur, in addition, hematemesis and melena.
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rib interspaces are clearly seen giving the impres-
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organ is always found in a constant location, irre-
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nical proficiency, more deftness and experience, is
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uterine contractions. All these accidents have only