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then a much more representative population than would be found
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The fift'i case was a remarkable one: the patient had been admitted for reten-
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Some time afterwards, I consulted with Mr. Law, an experienced surgeon
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2 c.c, 2.5 c.c, and 2.5 c.c. horse serum intravenously.
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that belong to more than one of the groups which he described
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of disseminated miliary tuberculosis of the lungs, the .t-ray has
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given, so that the proportion of cancerous to non-cancerous indi-
symmetrel amantadine side effects
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much neglected, though most important subject, and it cannot be perused
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With notes, by Wm. W. Gerhard, M. D. Philada. 1S41. [From the publishers.]
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signing the deed, and finding that it had been given to the purchaser before the
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11° farther north; but at Moscow, the mean temperature both of winter and
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After her accouchement, and nearly up to the period of my first seeing her,
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and nearly the entire inner surface of the ascending aorta and the arch
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amantadine (symmetrel) - a parkinson's drug
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clot, but nothing so powerfully as a healihy condition of the whole cerebral cir-
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by adhesions. In these cases the vacant area occurred most
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near the lower pole; in one on the diaphragmatic surface, and in
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is not only retained, but may be increased in rapid passages from
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or less violence, in the artery which had been tied. Renewed venesection, low
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nected ivith those forms of Fever attributed to Malaria or Marsh
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it necessary to bleed, whatever was the age of the patient, to complete relaxa-
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assisted by attacks of coughing. Yet if we accept this we must
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October 30. Pulse 114 to 122; temperature 100° to 103£°.
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canal and in the blood, it would seem "that no further difficulty would
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same time as poliomyelitis in man. Such paralytic diseases are
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The diseases a id accidents which complicated the patients' state after delivery
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block with parabolic projection of Hood, which has retained the
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provided myself with two scalpels, half an inch in length by two lines in
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small absorbent trunks, emptying into veins at a great distance from the clavi-
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of the limb. On making an examination along the track of the femoral artery,
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lows. In England, the Continent and America, 5,873 cases of
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extent of the ulcerated surface and the depth of the lesion. The action of the
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neither elastic tissue nor acid-fast bacilli, but great numbers of pus cells
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The interpretation of the results of urobilin estimations in the
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The Association assumes no responsibility for the statements and
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remove in order to produce hyperplasia of the remainder? The
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Case No. 44, aged forty-five years, male, designer. Father died of Blight's dis-
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this dog than in the others, so that the increase of urobilin was
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ary history of cancer in his line and a grandmother with a normal
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but was quite sensible. He was very pale, and his pulse slow and languid.
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Out of these 542 cases, 29 were estimated pathologically as "1" or
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of New York. &c. &c.; and John B. Beck, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica