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The Medico-Chi has adopted the alterations in by-laws
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may run on for 2 or 3 weeks, and very mild cases may
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How absurd it would be to endeavor to " cure " such cases in three
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* Insufflation has been done in nine reported cases with eight deaths.
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liable to be converted into a compound, or at least into a complicated one;
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than one, elected under the provisions of sub-section 9 of this
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Tetanus ; and we must regard the rise of temperature, as not characteristic of Tetanus
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In about two hours the worm is expelled. The success
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explain, and yet be used for domestic purposes without causing any
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Suddenly, and perhaps without apparent cause, very often im-
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Hodgkin’s Disease Staging Classification. Cancer Res 1971;
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causes so entirely different a set of appearances to be presented that, if this