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gently and carefully the sick or dying soldier is tended by the

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number of factors, including history of acne and acne

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iron, and all yielded to manganese. The other cases are respective-

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tive results in two imperfectly studied cases of catarrhal

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stances desquamation is said to take ])l;ice where there has been no

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more serious disease. It is not prudent for the practitioner to predict that

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invited to attend, along with their wives, sweethearts, or husbands. These sessions are

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were 21,113 cases of drunkenness in Liverpool in 1870; accord-

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tn iQOA Katsurada, who was resident in the infected area, d^-

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the foulness of the entering atmosphere. The river steamers lost

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actions. But general notions or rules are too extravagant and

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is protracted irritation, is liable in a syphilitic person to

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Entering Vanderbilt University in 1909, he taught school intermittently in

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Sir : Since the publication of your editorial on the

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he would forfeit our confidence and esteem. On the other hand,

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In eight experiments this injection was repeated after the animal

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Of lotions or fomentations, that which is most highly recom-

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ucts you prescribe. But in the last five years, a dozen or

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Puncture of The Spinae Meninges. — Fiirbringer (Bert. klin. Woc/i.)

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despised. To take a single illustration, eels, wliich

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St Petersb.. 1882, iii,755; 775. Also, Reprint.— Tnrrelta

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Thus, out of the second shoulder-presentation, and by strong uterine contrac-

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the beginner enters the wide world to encounter trials, vexations and

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megaloblasts is hence not necessarily an unfavorable symptom, but

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tenderness elicited on deeper pressure over the crest of the

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them would react in a neurotic way. It may give them a

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disease nor disease of the aorta, but an extreme excitability of the heart

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Pass Examination on Surgical Anatomy and the Principles

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practice, selecting the place to practice, setting up an office,

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necessary. In a case of extra-uterine pregnancy, with a pulse of 160

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streptococcus, bacillus pyocyaneus. proteus, gonococcus, bacillus

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vocal cords, but the whole of the right 5th nerve, motor and sensory,

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