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Sireet, Hanover Square, on or before the Is. of November preceding .
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effects of injury and the indirect effects of pressure.
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patients with severe fractures a worse prognosis than I really expect, and I always
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the lecturers in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the city and
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The methods of diagnosis of gonococcus infection depends,
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On his admission he had pain in the right iliac region, increased by
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carburetted hydrogen, 10.75; oxygen, 6,72; nitrogen,
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intestinal obstruction due to paralysis of the gut from
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that no person of education, save, perhaps, an Army Surgeon
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things necessary be done. The defense thus squarely raised
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of the brain, following severe injuries, such as mental cloudi-
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hours, the intermittent is called quotidian ; when it comes
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To slit the capsule and pass the finger in the opening and along the elongated
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routes of communication, and es])ecially the movements of the military
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are due to a process of this kind (meningitis by propagation). The value
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of my own experience in treating chronic hypertrophic
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oddities who believe that eating raw food is the secret
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Medical Profession throughout the world, edited by A. O. J. Kelly, A
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ansemias. Cabot [1(5] published a plate from a case of " pernicious
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of other secreting glandular organs would yield simi-
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volumes of Signor Bajardi's work on Antiquities, and invited him to
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passage through the body of a current interrupted with the
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purgatives, and sedative remedies. After the operation of a saline purga-
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print least. I myself have not found time to gather the cases
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suggestions, is that which demonstrates the tacilily wiih which such
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I do more than merely allude to the equally well-known circumstance,
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mean to impugn the good faith of the authoress, but only
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tion of the heredity aud contagiousness of leprosy, its
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ultimately formed the nucleus of the Andersonian Museum.
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' According to the experiments of Filehne — Ueber die Vorgange bei dem Lungen-
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15 years, and while mental health legislation in this
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house, conversation, library, and valuable scientific apparatus