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as in many cases their presence is only symptomatic

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tuberculosis the right lung is oftener affected than

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the whole horizon seemed to shift its position at the

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limited ray operations to cases in which the descent

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and while it was still progressing, she coughed up a

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( 1 ) By the name " keloid " is understood a special

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such professors and of the corps of assistants which

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is constantly carrjing them forward and is ke(!ping their

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in some respects antagonistic to this process, in others

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third form of vague pains often attributed to rheu-

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when the same disease occurs in the lobes ; and I be-

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future wise administration. I heartily congratulate

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of those conditions which are only to be studied on

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child that delivery should be brought about ; for if

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ner of presentation of statistical data employed in

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in abdominal cavity in different directions. April 1 still

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lesion of this posterior lymphatic system of the cord.

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like a lasso, facilitates this part of the operation,

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blood-pressure apparatus was in routine daily use at

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only a few hours and to the post- typhoid fevers last-

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table thus bears out the view of Miiller, though not

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part of the equipment of all lying-in hospitals. He

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bacillus, likewise, can be recovered from the blood

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following an amputation of arm for sarcoma the year

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sac away has the danger of interfering with collat-

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B. L. Wkigut, assistant surgeon. Ordered to the Naval

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tack of sharp, cutting pain in the left lumbar region, shoot-

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lation than Hong Kong, and that the local conditions

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standpoint. Certain it is that with advancing civi-

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lished in the Quarterly of the Harvard Medical Ahim-

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sory vaccination, undertaken recently by the Board of Health,