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require, he shall be registered under direction of that Council accordingly. . .

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constitutional sepsis. In these cases the rapid onset of grave cerebral symp-

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Staff'Surgeon, — On promotion or under 14 years' service 18

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in a remarkable symmetrical lipomatosis of the extremities and the body, but

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those msucles will also be paralyzed whose nuclei lie below the seat of the

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} IwSLi^^'^^^* ^ ^ ^'^'^ ^"^ v«ter-solub1e, bitter-

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accurate our knowledge of the pathological anatomy of polyneuritis has be-

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found in the urine, the reason for which is still uncertain. [In most cases

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typical attacks of gout, and a consideration of the characteristic gouty changes

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<x>iir8es of lectures, the last at this College, and must have studied

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with incipient abes or a purely functional disturbance (neurasthenic pains,

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may be no constitutional disturbance. Sometimes there is melancholia. In

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arthritis deformans. The most important means of diagnosis, however, in

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Kijeff (EiefP), Harkoff, Kazan, Odessa, Dorpat, Warsaw, and Helsingfors.

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in genuine tabes and the allied general paralysis. In regard to the average

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of inflammatory new growths, of syphilitic affections, of aneurisms, etc., is

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pricks cannot be positively distinguished from a touch with the head of the

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ing portion of the lumbar cord. The absence of the tendon reflexes in the

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(6) What Is a Starter** an^ what Is Us purpose \n ch^se making?

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Zoology 101 or invertebrate zoloogy. Limited to 15. C. Summer, M.-F., 2:00-4:00,

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strength, but these movements show, usually at once, a striking, disordered,

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must be matriculated, and about to commence their first winter session.

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ished, on the affected side in cases of hysterical hemianaesthesia and hemi-

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. Fleas are wingless Insects with laterally cosp^ssed 4ark brvm bodies which are

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Aaron Elias Kanter, S.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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In mild attacks, also, there niay be merely albuminuria, without hemo-

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vulsions come on simultaneously with the paralysis. In the case of tumors

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The EUles Mediail Pme.— Awarded annually to the most dis-

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lucinations soon develop, especially in the visual sphere ; next, hallucinations

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curriculum resource materials vdvid\ can be adapted to suj^rt

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ments for ess>ro^1r^ «^ processing facilities and proce^res to be

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the skin which is pressed against the bed by the weight of the body. An ice

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have the privilege of keeping the case-books and assisting at opera-

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It will not be necessary for any priyate teacher, attendance on whose

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question of any marked permanent anatomical changes, at least in the begin-

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paper wet with chloroform, or embrocations of chloroform oil, and ether as

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harmony to retain the German abbreviations, which are simple and definite. K.]

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