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sive or plastic property, and becoming more fluid, and passing through the per-

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of an organic lesion of the mitral or aortic valve, often of both.

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over the frontal sinu;, then warm fomentations, and this has the effect of bringing

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nor casts in the urine when examined; and of the 246 patients still

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fied that it pertains to the class of mild or uniform climates; whilst in the

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Urine normal. Blood: Hemoglobin, 60 per cent. (Dare); reds, 2,840,000;

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rested, the effused fluid insinuates itself between them, and thus

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cult, if not impossible, to certify to which this said branch unites itself. By re-

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portance, the main point being to establish the identity of the two affections.

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investigation is that specific influences occur at more or less definite

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subject of M. Bricheteau, in his preface, are apposite.

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* "Cantharides in powder, taken in^o the stomach, acted as a corrosive, producing vomifing-, the

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will most materially influence your treatment. In the one case, your treat-

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and the lips livid; there is considerable turgescence of the vessels of the neck,

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clotted and reduced to a kind of pap in the centre, were exceedingly bitter and

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his friends, who had been sent for from a distance, calmly and rationally;

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Turning now to the work of the Association itself, it is plain that

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were used. It is impossible here to enter into a detailed con-

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and in which there was no increase of bilirubin in the blood. The

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Dr. David Riesman presented a communication "On a Lobar

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The mean depth of snow was about 6 inches. The month of March has

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Chest well-developed. Lungs show everywhere normal resonance.

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CO from the shoulder to the forearm; in this way the humerus is fixed," &c.

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tion." A ie'w words explain the pathological conditions that may deter-

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