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L'6pidemie de typhus ; le vagabondage et la jjropagation

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he was sufficiently recovered to leave. The corpuscular count

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It is to be remembered that the medulla oblongata consists (or at

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ble but for the frequent repetition of the instances. The

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removal of the injured eye. If the disease has become fully estab-

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which was amputated; the wound healed slowly. On ad-

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tenen Fall vou Fractui- und Luxation des Os naviculare,

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Vin.— Progressive Muscular Atrophy— Atrophic Musculaire Graisseuse Pro-

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He strips, -but there is nothing to be seen, the skin is not even red.

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form of fever: "My treatment, stated in brief, consisted of spts. nitri.

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cres, at the edges of which were radiating groups of herpetic sores, or, again,

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forms, with sanguineo- serous or dark contents. This bursts, causing an

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ease. The modern use of soft tissue is a much needed improvement

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this reason fail to perform satisfactory work. The remedy

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which a caldron of boiling water is placed, and the room to be kept at a

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But his bright anticipations were not to be realized in this world.

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artificial cultivation, and in greater pathogenic activity towards rab-

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of intimate contact in tenement houses as a predisposing cause to

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Dr. Pereira, as has been stated, made an entire order of the Chaly-

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gift of the Almighty, and to be employed for the benefit of man-

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should be taken to insure that all your pipes in the basement

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kept up by means of draughts of cold water, and if necessary, by the

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stances, in which were embedded masses of blood ; at many points

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private and public health in their infinite variations.

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before the disease has given rise to any great degree of distress. At

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spine during the period of excitation — the amount of blood drawn

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February 13 showed that she was still free from attacks.

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muscle of the iris. The weight of evidence is probably in

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'^ exposiUoi»'of thfiln'siect Plant, vvliich, from its

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the following appearances : — A drop of the secretion of the

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Many names have been given to this form of paralysis, Rilliet and Bar-

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if taken universally. In the instance which furnished this very

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the patient has difficulty in swallowing, and sometimes performs

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1. In discrete smallpox the eruption presents in their most typical forms