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forward and backward. If the fracture has been produced by di-
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cardiovascular disorders, including coronary insufficiency
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being walked iato the frame a horizontal bar is fixed be-
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staljls being also well littered, and the doors of the cow-
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and nothing can supply the student with so practical a
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several days after the operation, there was a great additional dis-
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which it is recorded it has taken place at an early stage, within a
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fort, and did not complain of any unpleasant after-effects.
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pital. January 4, 1862, ordered to report to Surgeon
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station, are under the immediate orders of the surgeon except
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expected from them. As soon as he felt that he was going to have
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animal, performed ? As to the organic, we cftn obtain
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Sturbridge, Worcester (1738), 2062 — Reed, W. G. ; Rice, A. B.
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reader is referred to the section on disinfection in the article on " Hygiene "
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Discission or laceration of the posterior capsule is very
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carbonate; at others, greyish green. The mineral can be purified
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of this mixture before bottling. It is then sterilised in the bottles,
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loping action, and, moreover, possessed of indomitable
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peculiar catching of the breath said to be pathognomonic of rabies.
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xxviii. 1895, p. 362.— 17. Leo. Deutsch. Archiv f. klin. Med. iv. 1868, p. 151.-18.
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A boy, fifteen or sixteen years old, was vaulting over a bar
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almost no support around it ; again, a boulder sup-