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son of many distempers to which it is subject ; as for instance,
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upon the first page. It will be observed that the paper was read before
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over the anterior wall of the left ventricle than else-
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trance into the bladder, causing thereby dilatation of the
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Witkin, Mildred Hope. Clinical Assistant Professor of
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contains no albumen. This fact, too, has been made use of by
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tions on the part of the physician or nurse. (7) Puerperal infection is
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the thought and understanding, remained intnct He was
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which prevented the acceptance of the chair of Surgery by the
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cannot be done without additional funds. At the Board
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tailor who had directly communicated the disease to
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F. S. Winston, of New York. John Caswell, New York.
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of air in the stomack is not so certain, aa k fleaiii» to
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bowels, with probably local peritonitis following. Having regard
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John D. Slade, M.D., and Paul R. Lenz, M.D., New Brunswick
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patienta and diseases affected by it, our author recognises
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solution of continuity, &c. ; to diseases of the investing parts of the
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passage. At this time the prostate, with the finger in the
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Lime Phospate, Soda Phosphate, Iron Phosphate, Phos-
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several centers. Complications attributable to the procedure
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manslaughter, has been forwarded from New York, but
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desirous of carrying out bacteriological investigations for diagnostic
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under strict restraint, the entire body of water offers resistance
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returned free from pus or blood. The usual dressings were made, a
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bony. The process in the early stages often appears tc
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giving way to rest, dietetics, and conservation of pa-
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Hirst, J. C.: Favorable response of advanced endometriosis to
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Causes. — The ordinary or exciting causes of diseases of the feet