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Of the experiments of Ferran of Spain, and Haffkine of the
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It is stated that one-fifth of all the boys who apply for
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“Medical Economics in Relation to the Woman’s Aux-
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at our school during the first epoch. Empiricism obtained a greatly
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our knowledge of the antniimical relations of the Vngua so imperfect,
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most reliable we have is nitrate of strychnine. In ordinary
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very means taken to ward off the attacks of micro-organisms from
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stop-cocks, etc.. as shown in Fig. 77, fitted in a neat case, accompanied with printed direc-
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26. In large doses alcohol enhances coagulation of the blood. In
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case in which we have tried it. — Med. and Surg. Reporter.
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When toto mounts and sections of the meninges of the region
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Consequently, although Dr. Dennet is one of the most important
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Fracture of radius and ulna, shafts. Position of bones immediately after
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sician, who found the left pupil dilated and the knee-
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very difficult to insert ; the laminaria has dilated in the cavities of
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In many cases of direct convulsions the autopsy showed no trace of
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chocolate, or cocoa, for the same reason they cannot drink any hot
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a perennial, with running underground stems, the break-
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take place mainly through the veins, and in the substance
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than occurred in the case of blue pill. He found that, in some
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was a slight elevation of temperature, but still he had
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the snowfall, the severity of the winter, and upon the trust-
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Dr. Samuel L. Eaton, founder of the Newton Highlands
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The average value for nonproteins in this series is slightly higher
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persons coming in contact with or employed about diseased
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course more difficult. Enlargement of the organ — menorrhagia, metrorrhagia,
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Lieutenants E. E. Guinan, J. J. Sale, and L. E, Smith, ward officers,