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disciplines. In addition, fellowships are available for subspecialty neurology training, such as
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operator to the minimum by dispensing with every preparatory
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September 16, 1982. The suit alleging negligence named
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naked eye can be trusted, we have not observed that any improvement
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great deal, which you give. As a citizen of Raleigh I am glad
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die if local treatment was not resorted to at a compar-
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The University of Michigan. — T/ie Pliysician and Si(r-
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fever with night-sweats appeared, and finally pyaimia occurred. The
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and intestinal trouble is very common as the result of
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to build his hypothesis on matters of fact, and make it by sensible experience
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her a pound of Epsom salts. Her abdomen was enormously dis-
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rupture of the intestine probably resulted from this inflammation and
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" This very elegant little volume is a most useful accession to Botanical Literature." —
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preceding or succeeding attacks, I will only say that during the
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time, have recorded similar cases, showing that paralysis of
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1892. Leidy, Joseph, M.D. , Officier d'instruction publique, France;
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focus of infection, must usually be removed if possible. Experience
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it seems to me, conclusively in this direction ; and yet the abdominal
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improvement in articulation, which helps the cure of individual
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power, and occasionally swelling and effusion into the joint, which may be BO
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papillary muscles, but of this there is no satisfactory
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malignant affection, or if worn down by any other dis-
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