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made by Liebig's formula, and from four to six times more Albuminoids and Fibrinoids than any Beef
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amount, a piece of Scotch outing flannel is used. This cloth, weigh-
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8CHIEFFEIJN BROTHERS it CO., William, cor. BeoXmanSt, N. T.
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ment adopted ; in other words, the boots had been worn too long on the right
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Continuation of Dr. Bvorj K.enued/a Papof on Ihe Application of the Actual
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paroxysms occur every fourth day we have a quartana duplicata or
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and the chalybeate springs that valitudinarians love to visit, and from
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toms will be entertained by perusing the next chapter, which will be found
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questioned. From the rudiments of each science to its most
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wherein the women dragged them around the altar, beating them all the
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"If 606 has to be taken up and transformed by the liver In order to
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generally supervening on a suppurating wound, and usually marked
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injection typical lesions appeared on both ears, on the right side of the lower
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That case was an eye-opener to me as showing how a per-
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Neurotic taint in Jwredity. — Mother luid many ''nervous spells"
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apt to fail, the quantity of urine excreted often becomes augmented five or six
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taste. The drainage is most thorough and perfect, and the
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1895 d.— La sulfure de carbone contre les larves d'cestres. [Abstract of 1894 a,
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able Canned Foods, J. M. Research 40:177 (July) 1919.
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Cum. commentary on the Institutes of Gaius. By P. Cumin.
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tion, though the almost irresistible tendency to scratch the part affected
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Transactions of the American Medical Association. Vol. VII. 1854.
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fluence of a mydriatic. Now if the optician be allowed to
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chiefly upon its powerful exhilarant action on the mental processes. The
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Author of Off TO fl Good Start (fl guide. For Engaged Couples
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IL MineralogicaL Elementary study of mineralogy, in
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The following list comprises remedies most used in Homeopathy,