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— , 14 per cent of the phosphate is in the acid form, then the per cent of the acid

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a procedure, however, leads inevitably to an equation with two or more constants,

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siderable sacce:^, by Dr. Garrod and otbcrs, in acute Bbcv-

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Sound: A metal instrument for dilating strictures or examining

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closely watched during this, distinct mydriasis can be seen. In children

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suppuration of all the constituent parts of the eye, parti-

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medico-legal questions, that we [trust would not compare

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to find the boundaries and limitations and figure out how to get

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relapses and aggravations of the latter. Immermann was aston-

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consolidates the lung less obviously, is attended with signs of tumor about the

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gained considerably in weight, became sleek and well covered, and the

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at once, the ordinary hospital carbolic fomentations every three hours not being

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the intellect in the general pursuit of knowledge, to us this

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is said to be under 3 metres and the maximum breadth about 9 mm.

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which it has been shown that the venous blood of paraplegic limbs

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interview guide as well as inhospital referral sources is

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nuclear cells usually somewhat smaller than large mononuclears,

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A foetor of the breath and of the feet alternates the one with the other.

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A curious double consciousness characterized this case.

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Belladonna is good, but remember that the dog is very susceptible to

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cers when proof of immunization against the above listed

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tends. My eye reaches to the stars ; my ears to the

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observers, and naturally sends the patient to the phy-

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completed a residency in neurology and psychiatry at

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ference of aptitude which appears to prove inst., to receive the report of the Commit-

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for the duties of bearers of wounded in the British army were the

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This treatment was sufficient to get rid of the tail of this unfortu-